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5 great apps to speed up your android phone

5 great apps to speed up your android phone

5 great apps to speed up your android phone
5 great apps to speed up your android phone

When it comes to operating your Android phone everyone loves the speed. Most users have a common problem by stopping in the Android nose that their phones start interval soon. 1 GB of RAM, which is not much when it comes to dealing with different tasks, there are many low budget Android phones.

So, what do you do?

In order to keep your Android healthy and quick, you must install good third-party utility software. Utility software should be able to clear cache, cookies, RAM and useless files. These simple things can improve your android speed to a great extent. Here are the top 5 apps to speed up your Android:

1. Clean Master
This is one of the most reliable software available on the Google market. It helps accelerate and you clean the phone. In addition, it provides real-time protection.

The professionals

Accelerates, cleans, and saves the antivirus engine with the phone.
Unique features like AppLock, Duplicate Remover, and Junk Cleaning
It can also by reducing the cooling CPU background apps.
Helps boost sport speed by 30 percent.

Issues are notified for issues.
Users notice a number of things that users may not need. If extreme was a problem, clean master makes one.

2. Supporting for Android

This is one of the most powerful software available on the market today. It is great management tool to improve phone performance.

The professionals

There are about 18 features
It monitors status of SPU, RAM, ROM, SD card and battery.
Provides more control with many tasks like power saver, file manager, uninstall batch, and many more.
The professionals

The battery keeps running that effect in a background
Annoying ads can hinder navigation.

3. MobileGo

This useful app is also ideal for those who are looking to enhance their music experience. As the name suggests, if you want to promote the sound quality of the premise is ideal for you. It works for iPads and iPhones and is one of the most popular.

The professionals

Clears cache, cookies, logs, unnecessary files and unused apps with some taps
One click boost feature
It can make easy transfer file with computer

Performance on more, so not many improved utility features focus
No real-time situation monitoring

4. Booster for Android

The app is great in boosting and saving power. There is free software with unique features like automatic termination of compact and fully ad background apps, and many more.

The professionals

Navigation is easy.
Quickly releases memory and boosts the phone.
Detects the status of the battery in real time and also the time of use which allows you to optimize battery life.
No ad plugins
It constantly notifies you to carry out customization.

5. Average cleaner and battery saver

The brand in the average device utility software is known. Make this more space, save battery, automatically use data, and reduce run. In addition, it provides real-time status of your phone.

The professionals

It does all the work related to improving performance.
It lets you clean the phone automatically on regular basis
This is a shutdown for all the utility needs.
It's easy to use and gives you more control over the data clean.

Any exclusion option for specific apps
Have more battery account.

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