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Top 20 Secrete and Amazing Mobile Apps

Top 20 Secrete and Amazing Mobile Apps

Top 20 Secrete and Amazing Mobile Apps
Top 20 Secrete and Amazing Mobile Apps

The speed at which the smartphone market is growing, the download of mobile apps is filling in the churns faster than it. Of course, this trend is not growing on the basis of apps that we keep in the bottom of the basic app.
Apart from these few apps, there is a vast world of apps that make the phone a smartphone. In this process, the major characters pay a lot of app, which is making our life much easier and more fun with every passing day.
These are such applications which are the most popular among mobile users. Like Western countries, even in India, the mobile phone users do not show a slight laziness in the new technology.
This is a 50 app which has installed four phones in the phone. These include apps which themselves advise to use the technology giant Google. Let's take a look at this pot of magic:
Everyday need apps
As mentioned earlier, mobile phones are no longer the only means of talking. There were many such things that were born in the technological world, which mobile phones have ended on their own. Now we do not have to walk with the camera. You do not have to calculate calculator for calculation. Do not have to do a dictionary to do two-to-hand English All these requirements fill the smart applications. Let's first mention them.
1. Camscanner:
 Through this app, a picture of any hard document can be dragged into a PDF format or a soft document.
2. Flash Lite (Torch-Tiny Flashlight):
 The camera's flash light can be used as torch. Its light depends on the size and display of your phone screen.
3. TrueCaller:
 If you think that someone is constantly teasing you, then this app can tell you by knowing the name of that unknown caller. However, it does not yet provide 100 percent accurate information.
Swipe key board
4. Indian Rail Info: 
The movement of trains and a variety of information related to Indian Railways, this app brings you to you. With the train's number or name you can learn about the actual schedule of the train.
5. Swipe Keyboard:
 With this app swipe on the key board, text messages can be quickly written. Swipe may seem a bit daunting at first, but as soon as you get used to it, you can quickly write text.
6. Kingsoft Office:
 Through this app you can easily work on a Microsoft Office file like Word and Excel.
7. Offline dictionary:
If you do not have internet, do not panic. These apps will explain the meaning of any lapse as soon as you blink.
8. Astro File Manager:
 With this app you can manage the folder of mobile internal and external storage.
9. Anti Virus (Antivirus avg):
 This app helps to scan mobile files and protect mobile from viruses. But in its free version you will not get many features.
10. SMS backup and restore:
 If you want to make backups of mobile SMS, this app can help you.
11. Contact Backup (Super Backup): 
Transfer from a phone to another phone is no longer a headache like before. With this app you will be able to easily transfer the contact.
12. Advanced Task Killer:
 This application, which takes charge of shutting down applications running in the background, can increase your mobile speed.
13. Automatic call recorder:
 This app can help you if you want to do audio sting or record to listen to an important call again. These app calls itself activated as soon as the call comes.
14. Google translate:
Like the web version of Google Translate, this app can also be translated from English to Hindi and other languages.
15. Evernote:
Through this, you can prepare your notes in a new and different way and share them with other people.
Mobile browser application

In order to use the Internet on mobile, there is a need for a browser that runs at least on Internet data and increases the internet speed. Introducing some apps related to it

16. Opera Mini: Opera claims that this data can compress up to 90 percent short, meaning the data is minimized.
17. UC Browser: It can easily download Facebook photos with ease. Of course, nowadays social networking sites like Facebook have become an important part of our lives.
18. Google chrome:
Google tabs can be opened fast in this browser of Google. Also, any of those tabs can be viewed again.
19. Dolphin Browser:
 The most important thing in this browser is that it can be used quickly through the hotkey's shortcut command.
There was a time when the world used to be the addict of the snake game of Nokia. But the app made the world of games so huge that you can get tired of playing but the game will not stop.
20. Angry Birds:
 Together with the birds, attacking pigs proved to be very interesting concept game. Due to popularity, so far many versions have been introduced.

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