5 Easy Ways to Clean Jewelry That Make Your Jewelry Just like New | How to clean gold jewelry at home

How to clean gold jewelry at home

5 Easy way to clean Jewelry Fast
How to clean gold jewelry at home

Women use jewelry almost daily, sometimes wearing bracelets on their hands, sometimes earrings in their ears, anklets in their feet and rings in their hands and because of this they also deteriorate quickly. There are some types of jewelry that can be damaged by not wearing them. Find out today at Women's Corner how you can make your expensive jewelry shine like new by cleaning these items at home.


How to clean gold jewelry with vinegar

White vinegar can be used to polish all kinds of jewelry. Just put white vinegar in a large bowl and soak your jewelry in it for 20 minutes. Then clean with a brush and wash with plain water to help clean the tissue.


clean jewelry with toothpaste

Toothpaste not only brightens your teeth but also your jewelry. Add a little toothpaste to a tablespoon of warm water, then apply it to your jewelry with a soft cotton cloth or brush and rub lightly. Then wash with clean water or clean with a damp cloth, take it so easily the jewelry is cleaned.



 Disprin is the best homemade jewelry cleaner. Put two tablets of Disprin in a glass of lukewarm water and now dip your jewelry in it. After ten minutes, remove and dry with a soft cloth. Disprin bubbles actually help clean jewelry.


Aluminum foil:

Jewelry Cleaner using Aluminum Foil 

is the best way. 

Put your jewelry inside the aluminum foil and sprinkle soda on it to close the foil and after half an hour remove the jewelry from the foil, rub it with a brush and wash it with water, take your precious jewelry clean.


Potato Juice:

Mix a little tartar in two tablespoons of potato juice and leave the jewelry in it for 10 minutes then rub and clean.


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