Whatsapp New Feature Introduced That we Would Try In 2021

Whats app New Features That You Would Try in 2021

whatsapp features you would need to try

Whats app has always been a super cool tool to communicate and do stuff over the net.

The new Whats app feature was in testing mode, has been released. The new feature was spotted by all the people of Whats app and have appeared in Whats app in beta version only.

The new Whats app feature offers features like New Profile Picture, Text Status, Highlighting Status, Tagging Messages and Panorama Mode.

This feature will give a new look to the app, which will help users to add some excitement to their stories. The new feature will allow users to change the background of the profile picture by going into the profile settings and changing it from gray scale, black and white, green and black, among many others.

We can see that the new app will be launched in a couple of weeks.

Take A Dose Of Whats app Beta & Face Uploading

The new app is released in the beta version only and if you do not have it yet, you can get it by downloading the app from the Android Store and the iOS App Store.To learn more about the feature, please check out the official website of Whats app and become a beta tester for it.

Whats App Features You Would Need

whatsapp feature that we need

But, these are just a few of the features that you will get with the new app.

It has more than one billion registered users in more than 150 countries. The new feature will help to add more fun to your stories. Whats App has partnered with companies like Facebook to connect with other users on whats-app groups.

Whats app Text Status Feature

Whats app is designed to let the users to keep in touch with other people by sharing messages and stories. Also, users can reply to the messages from the Whats app conversation by simply writing and sending the text message.

Also, users can add a new feature called Chat With Friends. The chat with friends will allow users to chat with other contacts inside your mobile phone.

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Whats app Features You Would Never Use

We are really missing the features that Whats App has offered to us in the past. The new features will be welcomed by most of the users as it will give them the power to express their emotions in front of other people. We are looking forward to the new features and hope that the new app will have features like this.

whatsapp new update 2021

How To Get Whats App New Features

The new app is available for download from both the mobile apps and website. You can download the new app and get the new features by updating your app.

To update your app, go to Whats app settings and go to Whats App, update.

Whats App Features You Would Love

We are just missing some of the features that we should have seen in the past.

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