Quran kareem 16 line Taj Company Download

 Quran Pak 16 line Taj Company Download Tajweed

Holy Quran 16 Line Taj Company is providing free Quran services for Android users and other mobile phone companies.This Taj company 16 line Quran application is available for everyone who wants to recite The Holy Quran with 16 line with Quran tajweed. This amazing Quran app is optimized for reading Holy Quran with no disturbance. They have tried to make your Quran recitation easy and thoughtful by keeping it simple and concise.

Quran Pak 16 line Taj Company Download Tajweed

Amazing Al Quran Tajweedi By Taj Company

This Al Quran Kareem - Taj Company 16 lines Tajweedi app has set standard format of 16 lines per page with search format as you can search any Surah, Para,  Ayat, Roku & Manzil while you are reading. 16 line Holy Quran is specially designed for those Hafiz-e-Quran Muslims who completely memorize Holy Quran in any madrasa, school, college or other religious islamic institution.

Quran Majeed App Features:

• Swipe from left to upright to go Next page,
• Search with PARA wise, SURAH wise, AYAT wise, ROKU wise, MAZIL wise & SAJDA wise,
• 114 Surah of Quran part by part,
• 16 Line Tajweed Holy Quran in Colour,
• You can Resume pages from where you read last,
• You canAdd unlimited bookmarks in app

Download quran 16 line taj company

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